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Latest Line ~ Pleistocene Epoch Ice-Age Steppe Bison Leg Bones from Alaska, USA, For Sale

Metapodial leg bones from extinct Alaskan Steppe Bison (Bison priscus) for sale at Bali Charm. These metacarpal/metatarsal bones dating from the Pleistocene Epoch (Ice Age) were discovered in river silt in Kotzebue, Alaska, where they had come to light after lying hidden and protected by thick tundra ice for thousands of years...

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Behind the Scenes ~ Wet Plate Photography at Bali Charm with the Fuji X100

Wet-Plate photography on the Fuji X100. Antique imagery of our woolly mammoth ivory carvings, Inuit harpoon-heads and talisman masks, hand-carved Ganesha hilts for Balinese Kris ('keris') swords, traditional Indonesian combs carved from water-buffalo horn... and an ebony human skull...

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