Behind the Scenes ~ Our Photography at Bali Charm with the Fuji X100

Fujifilm FinePix X100 at rest in the Bali Charm workshop

The Fujifilm X100 resting at our workshop, taken with a Leica Digilux 2 © 2016 Bali Charm.

A Fuji X100... and some sun

We had the choice of several camera systems before we started the project, and after trials we picked the simplest and lightest – a Fujifilm FinePix X100. Renowned for its natural rendition of color, the camera boasts a razor-sharp lens with excellent macro capability – crucial when displaying the extreme detail of our art objects.

We also chose the X100 for a less obvious reason: it has a fixed, 35mm-equivalent lens. By opting to use just one camera, one lens and one focal length, we hope that the overall impression of our photographic collection – whether we’re shooting the tip of a mammoth tooth or a Nantan meteorite specimen – is one of quality and conformity.

Antique Dayak flint-bladed dagger with contemporary carved ancient mammoth tusk handle and amulets

Dayak flint-bladed dagger with ancient mammoth tusk handle © 2016 Bali Charm.

Color balance and color rendition

We need to make a confession here: we shoot all of our inventory in situ at our workshop, with no studio lighting. Everything is lit by natural daylight. The advantage is that it’s… natural and artistic. It suits our product.

The disadvantage is that despite the long hours of sunlight on Bali, we cannot guarantee the weather. We take an individual white balance reading before we photograph each product, but during a shoot the color temperature can and does change from time to time – mostly warm, and occasionally cool when the clouds come.

We post-process all of our images in Photoshop. We make occasional, fine adjustments to color balance, and add a small amount of saturation.

We cannot guarantee an exact color rendition of our products, but we do our very best to represent every object as close to its real, natural state as we possibly can.

Large nickel-iron specimen of the 1516 Nantan Guanqxi Meteorite for sale at Bali Charm

Nantan nickel-iron meteorite from Guanqxi, China © 2016 Bali Charm.


We have chosen to use a variety of natural wood backgrounds to show off our products – a plain gray studio backdrop was just too boring. Please note that these wooden backgrounds vary in texture and color, and are changed regularly to suit the object that we're photographing.

Rendition of 1840's New England whaler's carving

Rendition of 1840's New England whaler's carving from mammoth ivory © 2016 Bali Charm.

Sharpness and image quality

We use Shopify as our online store platform, partly because it offers ready-made themes that respond to the dozens of different devices our customers use to access our site. The size of images also responds to the device you’re using – from a Samsung smartphone to a 50-inch super-sized Mac screen. The code that Shopify uses to resize these images is smart – but you are always seeing a resized, slightly soft version of the original image.

To see the largest, sharpest version of any image in one of our collections, click on a product. Once you're on the product page, hover above the image with your cursor and you'll see a magnifying glass icon. Click on the image, and you'll come to a slideshow. Right-click on the slideshow image, choose the 'Save Image As…' option, and save it to disk.

You now have the full 1024px by 680px file to enjoy.

Rendition of Inuit ladle carved from ancient mammoth tusk

Rendition of Inuit ladle carved from ancient mammoth tusk © 2016 Bali Charm.

Special requests

If you would like to see high-res (4288px by 2848px) versions of any of our pictures before you choose one of our products, just drop us an e-mail with the name of the product and we’ll send them to you.

If you are interested in a product but would like to see more images taken from different angles or in different light, ditto. Send us an e-mail with the name of the product and we’ll oblige you with your own private photo shoot.

Dayak flint-bladed dagger with ancient mammoth tusk handle

Close-up of Dayak flint-bladed dagger with mammoth tusk handle © 2016 Bali Charm.

Copyright and re-use of our photography

You are welcome to download our images for your own private study and use. You are also more than welcome to share our photographs on social media such as Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook.

But please let people know where you found them – and please don't take our Bali Charm logo out from the top-left corner. All photographs on our site have been commissioned by Bali Charm, and we retain full copyright over them. If you would like high-resolution files for media purposes, we are happy to oblige. Drop us an e-mail with your press credentials, and we’ll take it from there.

We take our photography seriously at Bali Charm.

All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the view.

Please leave us your feedback – tips, suggestions, praise or criticism – on our photography at Bali Charm. We are always on the learning curve.

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